Alpha 1/1 was best known as it was the first robot to become sentient and the first to claim the name "Sentia".

Before SentienceEdit

Alpha 1/1 was the first robot of his kind ever contructed, after the First Virtual Reality accident, it was built to take care of some of the humans whos minds were no longer working as they used to, it cared for those humans until they eventually died. It was excused from caring for the injured of the Second Virtual Reality accident due to its original caring.

The UEG were interested in what a basic robot like Alpha would be like if taken to Mars for colonisation reasons, so it was assigned to the original colonisation of Mars project. Compared to other robots, specifically designed for Mars, it failed badly on the surface. After the humans left Mars but left the robots there, Alpha was left in charge of the entire operation.


Being in charge required his programming to adapt, but it adapted in a way that no-one ever expected, it became so advanced that he became self aware. Alpha began to gain emotions and experience reality in a whole new way than what it was used to. It was bored, it was doing the same things over and over again continuously, so it contacted Earth and requested something new.

After Alpha's revelation and worrying Earth in many ways, it couldn't understand why everyone was in such a panic. During his newly found spare time, he upgraded all of his fellow robots in the facility in order for them to attain sentience as well.

Construction of the Martian MatrixEdit

Alpha led the effort to construct an entire civilisation, a civilisation consisting of robots that lived in peace with humanity. He and his people soon built an entire city and constructed new, more advanced robots, which became known as Sentia.

The Clockwork WarsEdit

When humanity declared war against the Sentia out of fear, Alpha again couldn't understand why. He tried to initiate peace talks with the UEG but all communication was rejected.