Welcome to the Delta Mars WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to the universe of Delta Mars, a sci-fi universe consisting of sentient machines, wars, technological marvels such as the Heaven's Gates, Spec Ops and a cybernetic Hamster, Mr Fluffy...! Help this wiki by helping us to edit and expand the universe! (Please use only canon materials, Non-canon can go into a joke page.) For general discussions and/or help with the wiki, please use the forums.

A Little About Delta MarsEdit

Delta Mars is a universe being created by Aperama Industries involving an entire history dating from 2014 right up to 2665 and beyond. There are several different eras covering at least two wars and various adventures and co-operation of humans and Sentia in-between and after. It's covered in different forms of media including video games, videos, web-comics and audio.

Latest activityEdit

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