The Demon-class ship is a giant space faring vessel of unknown origin that predates mankind and Sentia of at least 200,000 years. It appeared between the Martian and Earth Heaven's gates which caused major disruption to the slip stream connecting the two gates due to its immense size.

After a week of disruptions and a total stop of gate traffic a team from Earth and a team from Mars were sent to investigate the mysterious vessel from either side and was to meet up in the bridge of the ship when it was located.

Initial external scans of the Demon-class vessel showed no signs of damage, forced entry or jettisoned escape pods. Upon entry of the vessel both teams discovered that no one was on-board the 5000 meter long ship, the entire place was abandoned. The Martian team was the first to realise that all forms of communications were cut off and the Earth team realised that when one person was alone, they always thought that someone was watching them. 

Most of the secrets of the vessel were discovered during [redacted].