Luna is the latin name for the Moon that orbits Earth. Luna is the fifth largest moon in the solar system and the second densest moon next to IO.

The dream of entering space was because humanity wanted to land on the moon, and they achieved this due to the space race in the 1960's.

When humanity took its first steps into colonising other planets, plans were made to colonise the moon but these fell through as the moon lacks any form of atmosphere and the magnetic field is less than 1/100th of the Earths magnetic fields. Although no colonies where built on the moon a top secret facility was built to accomodate experiments that were to dengerous to be held on Earth or Mars.

Clockwork WarsEdit

During the clockwork wars Luna was the main ground force battlefield between the Sentia and humans. These battles were fierce and often brutal for the humans as oxygen was a limited supply and if their external atmosphere battle suits were puntured it often spelt death for the soldier. The Sentia however saw it as just another terrain as they didn't require oxygen to function and didn't have to be flown off planet to recover.

Although the humans had difficulty fighting on the foreign soil they managed to hold their ground for the entirety of the war due to their stubborness, the ability to do this shocked the Sentia as they thought that humans would leave the Moon after the first few months of fighting.

At the end of the clockwork wars Luna was given to the Sentia as a memorial ground to their dead as humans that died on the moon were either jettisoned into space or taken back to Earth to be buried.

Post WarEdit

Luna is seen as an eerie place by human and Sentia alike. This is because when  a Sentia dies they freeze in their final position they were in before they were killed. The most visited and respected site on Luna is called the 'Guardian'. The Guardian is a Clockwork wars era Sentia that died in battle protecting a fallen human that was on the verge of death, Both Sentia and Human remains are left there to show that the two races can work together as equals despite any turmoil between the two.