Mr. Fluffy, simply known as Fluffy on occasion, was a Hamster who was related to another hamster from Earth who was taken to Mars by one of the human colonists. Fluffy was adopted by Sigma who then kept him as a pet in his apartment.

The Clockwork WarsEdit

During the Clockwork Wars, Sigma was called away for research and promises were made that Fluffy would be cared for, these promises were not kept however and Fluffy eventually starved to death and the apartment collapsed.

Adventures of Mr. FluffyEdit

After the Clockwork Wars, Sigma returned to his former place of residence with Miss B and found his corpse. Miss B consoled him for his loss of his beloved pet but Sigma wouldn't accept it. Using his immense knowledge, he rebuilt Mr. Fluffy using the organic remains, cloned organs and cybernetics which resurrected him. Mr. Fluffy became very intelligent due to his upgrades and was the first known true cyborg animal who then stayed with Sigma. When Sigma wasn't around however, Mr. Fluffy would often escape and use his intelligence to help the citizens of Mars and protect them from the Cult of Mars Hamster who was also upgraded after the Cult of Mars learned of Sigma's acts.